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Death Notices of John Dodson Taylor, Sr., 1936   Leave a comment

JDTaylor Death Notice 1936 01

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


These are the best images of the notices I can acquire.  I scanned photocopies from another source, so at least they are somewhat legible.

John Dodson Taylor, Sr. (1860-1936) was my great-grandfather.

Texts follow:

Atlanta Journal, July 3, 1936


Summerville Business Hours Closed in Tribute

SUMMERVILLE, Ga., July 3–Business hours of this community were closed as final rites were held at 4 o’clock this afternoon for Colonel John Dodson Taylor, distinguished Chattooga County citizen and pioneer northwest Georgia business leader.

The Rev. Sterling Hunter, pastor of the Summerville Presbyterian Church, of which Colonel Taylor was a lifelong member and a ruling elder, officiated at the services.  Several hundred persons attended the funeral.

Colonel Taylor, who was 76, died early Thursday morning at a private Atlanta hospital in Atlanta following a brief illness.  He was widely known throughout the state and prominent in many enterprises.

Burial was in Summerville cemetery.


JDTaylor Death Notice 1936 02

Atlanta Constitution, July 3, 1936, Page 10


Leading Chattooga Citizen Passes in Hospital After Brief Illness

Colonel John Dodson Taylor, of Summerville, distinguished citizen of Chattooga County and active in business, civic and church affairs, died early yesterday morning at a private hospital in Atlanta.

Colonel Taylor, who was 76 years of age, had been ill only a short time.

His keen mind and vision made him one of the most outstanding leaders in business and citizenship in Chattooga County.

He was organizer and president of the Summerville Cotton Mills, the Summerville Oil Mills, the Chattooga County Bank, and the Taylor Mercantile Company.

In addition, he owned large farms and peach orchards in the county, was was senior member of the law firm of John D. & E. S. Taylor.  He was a lifelong member and a ruling elder of the Summerville Presbyterian Church.

Colonel Taylor served with distinction in the state senate as the representative of his district.

A native of Summerville and lifelong resident of that city, Colonel Taylor was the son of John Taylor and Arcissa Willshire Dodson, of Chattooga County.  He received his formal education at Oxford, Ala., where he met his wife, the former Miss Harriet Stoddard.

Surviving are two sons, John D. Taylor, Jr., and Eugene Stoddard Taylor, and two daughters, Mrs. Wilford Caulkins, of Chattanooga, and Mrs. John B. Whisnant, of Summerville.

Funeral Services will be held at 4 o’clock this afternoon at the Summerville Presbyterian Church, with the Rev. Sterling Hunter, pastor, officiating.

Church for Summerville   Leave a comment

AC April 8, 1917 Page 9

Above:  An Article from The Atlanta Constitution, April 8, 1917, page 9

Obtained via


Summerville Presbyterian Church 1889-1923

Above:  The 1889 Building of Summerville Presbyterian Church, Summerville, Georgia

Image Source = Nan Rich, History of Summerville Presbyterian Church, 1841-1988 (1988), page 2

The 1889 structure of Summerville Presbyterian Church, having become unsafe in 1923, went the way of all buildings past their prime.  The new facility was ready in April 1924.

Dedication May 1924

Image Source = Page 5


Family May 1924

John Dodson Taylor, Sr. (1860-1936) was the bald gentleman in the center of this close-up.  I guess that the woman to his left was his wife, “Hattie” Stoddard Taylor.


Nell Taylor at the Organ, Summerville Presbyterian Church, Summerville, Georgia, 1940s   Leave a comment

Nell Taylor at Organ

My grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor, served as the Organist at Summerville Presbyterian Church, Summerville, Georgia, for many years.



My Uncle and Father, Boy Scouts   Leave a comment

Scouts in Summerville, Georgia

My uncle Randy is to the left, my father (John D. Taylor, III) to the right

Image Courtesy of Randolph Fleming Taylor

Here is a photograph of my uncle and father standing in front of the Summerville Presbyterian Church prior to October 1959.  Why October 1959, you ask?  The architectural history of that structure provides that date.  I estimate the date of this photograph to be somewhere in the middle 1950s, based on my knowledge of birth dates.



Nell Barrett Taylor in 1990   Leave a comment

Mom in Sville News 1990 with part of article

Uncle Randy sent this scan of part of a 1990 Summerville News article featuring my grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor.  Here and elsewhere (most Facebook of late) I have read moving accounts of my grandmother’s positive influence on many lives.  Many students benefited much just from her official duties as a teacher.  She helped at least one former student on her own time at home with a college paper.  And then there were her musical contributions to Summerville Presbyterian Church as a musician.  Hers is a fine legacy.



My Great-Granduncle Randolph   Leave a comment


My great-grandmother, Nellie Seguin Fox Barrett, had two sisters (Lucy and Frances) and a brother (James Randolph or Randolph James) Fox, pictured above.  He was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1879.  He lived in Pennsylvania at the time of the 1930 Census and in Connecticut in time for the 1940 Census.  My uncle Randy wrote in a recent email that Randolph Fox worked for the Bass Shoe Company, which made dress shoes.   (as a “fairly high official”) in Connecticut.  Uncle Randy also wrote to me that my grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor, once sought some good leather for use at Summerville Presbyterian Church, Summerville, Georgia.  Randolph Fox supplied it.  Randolph Fox also enjoyed eating peaches, which my grandparents shipped to him.  (The peaches came from the family orchard.)



Woman’s Work in the Gospel   3 comments


Above:  St. Mary Magdalene (1899), by Viktor M. Vasnetsov



My priest is female.  I suspect that my great-grandfather would disapprove of this fact, based on the content of this post.

I do recall that his daughter and my grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor, served on the Session of the Summerville Presbyterian Church, Summerville, Georgia.  My father (John Dodson Taylor, III) asked her what her father would think of that.  My grandmother replied that she thought that her father would approve.



Phils. 4, 3

God’s mercies appeal to her as well to man.  She had some part in the Jewish Church.  She was devoted to the Christ.  Last at the cross and first at the tomb.

1.  Women labored with the Apostles.  It was needed to reach the women who by custom were secluded from them.  She taught the scriptures, aided the poor, and entertained the Apostles.

2.  Like conditions exist today calling for her service & she alone can perform it.  Her service is of God and used of Him.  He is pleased that she breaks the box of spikeward still.

3.  As missionary she teaches and leads woman to Christ where man can’t.  She also trains the young in school, for God.

4.  She builds homes for his servants.  She provided the first parsonage.  2 Ks. 4, 8-10.

5.  As medical missionary she is signally used of God to reach the lost.

6.  As deaconess she is an angel of mercy.  This is her rightful place as in Apostolic days.  Thus she supplements the pastor’s work to great advantage.

7.  Who can’t see in all this the hand of God and hence a call to service.  The prayers & help of every woman in the church are needed.  Help those women who labor in the work.



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