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Autumn Leaves (1856), by John Everett Millais

Blighting forth from out the north,

Urus breathers his chilling breath,

Biting all, and blighting all,

Shrouding nature cold in death;

Telling but that mournful tale,

Which, alas! too well I know;

Soon disease like Urus’ gale,

Shall unnerve and lay me low.


Making bare to wintry air,

Tender vine and stately oak;

Shaking off, and taking off,

Nature’s seared and sable cloak;

Telling how when fortune’s wheel

Starts upon its downward turn,

Even friends will aid its keel,

Associates laugh and kindred scorn.


The trembling branch, with sudden wrench

From it grew is torn away,

And falling down, and rolling down,

It stops, and there begins decay;

Telling how within the breast

Oft the sweetest hopes may rise,

And how quick some cruel blast

Blows, and lo! it droops and dies.


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