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The Continuum of Time   Leave a comment


Image Source = User:S Seep


Rapidly expires the transient summer;

Just as quickly arrives the fall.

Rapidly expires the restful break;

Just as quickly arrives new labor.


The continuum of time remains constant,

Merely shifting from end to end.

Although my current residence is one,

The other will soon be my abode.


Time will once more come full cirlce,

And I will then need to be prepared;

For the continuum of time never ceases,

But moves on relentlessly instead.


September 3-4, 1993

September 7, 1993

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Answers   Leave a comment

Above:  A Painting of an Ornate Door

Wherever I look there’s trials,

To my left and to my right.

I seem to travel endless miles

In search of some welcome light.


My path is dark, no light I see,

Can God hear, will he hear me

When I pour out my feelings

And grant to my being peace?


What’s the answer, I don’t know.

All doors seem shut, can I do more?

All solutions have been for naught,

Has He the answer for which I’ve sought?


The Scriptures say in faith to pray,

That I did and found peace today.

The answer will come in His own time,

Yet I have assurance it will turn out fine.


The Captive Gods   Leave a comment

Die Walkure (The Valkyrie)

We, like Wotan and the clan

Are (?) gods.


We, like Wotan and the clan,

Are captive to our decisions and egos,

To ourselves.


We, like Wotan and the clan,

Are destined to be destroyed

By those decisions and egos,

By ourselves.


July 2, 1990

Jesus   Leave a comment

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

He gave his life, that I might live,

And in return, what can I give?

He gave his all, how could that be?

What did he see in you and me?


He suffered much on Calvary’s tree,

This Lord of mine, who died for me.

The crown of thorns, the beating cruel,

The angry mob just added fuel.


For me he trod the road to death,

He bore my sins, endured the curse.

Before him was the criminals death,

And all for me, my heart would burst.


The grave is empty, the stone is gone.

My heart now sings a different song

Since I accepted this sacrifice

And gave to him my all, my life.


He gave his life that you might live,

And in return, what can you give?

Give him your heart, your mind, your soul,

Just trust him now, he’ll make you whole.


Darkness II   Leave a comment



Strangely alluring

To my psyche,

Insists upon wearing

Its cloak of mystery.


September 13, 1992

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Predicament   Leave a comment

Above:  Prayer

I’m not as good as I’d like to be.

I see my faults.  Sometimes I don’t like me.

I’d rather forget they even existed.

But despite me, they’ve continually persisted.


Oh, I’m in such a quandary.

What’s the point of fret or worry?

Pondering them might make me wonder

If I could do any more than blunder.


There must be something right I’ve done,

I’ve tried, Dear Lord, and your blessings come.

But the good that you have found in me

Is more than I’ve been able to see.


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Darkness   Leave a comment

Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.


Is strongly appealing

To me,

Although the root of

This charm

Remains cloaked in mystery.


October 30, 1991

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Reflections   Leave a comment

What I do today may affect someone tomorrow;

Therefore, I must be careful not to bring upon someone sorrow.

Each insignificant action may have significance in the future

Of which I am yet unaware.

So, in interpersonal relations

I shall exercise more care.


Nature XVII: Beauty   Leave a comment

Yosemite Valley in the Morning

The utter and simple

Beauty of Nature

Enthralls my soul


Beckons to it

Awe and thanksgiving

For the

Simple, yet profound,

Joys of life

All who open their eyes

Must see.


September 6, 1992

Judgment   Leave a comment

Above:  Statue of Reconcilation, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Image Source = Rebecca Kennison


I shouldn’t be so hasty

To judge the folks next door,

Or down the street, or

Even those on foreign shores

Until I’ve judged myself,

And by the Golden Rule

Measured all my words and deeds,

Lest on me others should feed.


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