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True Love   Leave a comment

Above:  Flower Bouquet

True Love is the fairest, and sweetest of flowers

That adorn life’s pathway through this earthly sphere;

And if it e’er bloom in these cold hearts of ours,

It is God’s own hand that planteth it there.


Its fassion seems frail, but its root pierces deep,

And winds its strong arm ‘neath the depth of our hearts;

Tho’ cold stormy blasts oft make it to weep,

A ray from its sun new vigor imparts.


Misfortune, and sorrow, in torrents may rain;

Adversity’s frosts with destruction may fall;

And poverty’s blasts will blow but in vain,

For its weakness is greatness compared to them all.


But for Love, like the lover, there’s often an end;

Tho’ while it survives it can never grow old,

Yet when it is blighted it lives not again,

Except as a ghost it haunteth the soul.


And oft on the mind recollection will steal;

Those scenes once so dear will rise to the sight.

And in the far distance sad anthems will peal,

And the notes of a seraph that has taken its flight.



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