Memories at a Moving Sale for a Friend   11 comments

Today a small group of mutual friends,

including me,

gathered to host a moving sale at the soon-to-be former home of a friend.

We did the hard work;

she did not have to be there,

and she was elsewhere,

trying to build a better future for herself.


The sale was difficult for me,

for I have many memories associated with almost every space.

There, since July 2009,

I had noticed interesting pictures,

watched movies,

attended birthday parties,

stoked fires in the fireplace,



helped with housework,

consumed a little too much wine,

experienced good times,

and experienced frustrating times.

There, when my friend was away for a few days,

I housesat for her.

It seems that my visits in that space have ended.


I gave my friend items over the years;

Today I watched people buy many of them.


I weep for what was.

May what follows for my friend be far better for her.




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