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Above:  Dancing Flames

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I conclude that my great-grandfather wrote the following poem while having a very bad day.  By the way, he wrote many poems regarding relationships (many of them unsuccessful) with various women.  Make of that what you will.



Lye mostly’s made of ashes

But I make ashes of lies,

As from this infernal bundle

The greedy flames arise.


It is those letters, woman,

That thou didst write to me,

And once I own I loved them

For then I knew not thee.


But now I glad consign them

To dust, as dust thou art,

And now I have a picture

Of thy own blackened heart.


Oh! could I only banish

As easy from my breast

The anguish thou hast caused me,

How happy I, how blest.


Posted March 20, 2012 by neatnik2009 in John Dodson Taylor Sr.--Poems, Love 1800s

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