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Walking In the Woods   Leave a comment

Walking along trails in the woods

beside Ben Burton Park

in Athens, Georgia,

I notice my surroundings.


I see litter.

That annoys me;

the woods would be better

without decaying furniture,

plastic bottles,

old tires,

and the remains of an old pet carrier.

But annoyed I must be;

no matter how much anyone picks up,

there is more the next time.


Yet I take delight

in looking at trees,

paying close attention to the interesting directions

in which some of them grow–

notably not upright.


One younger tree was growing straight up

until another, dead tree

fell across it.

Now the younger tree grows sideways and up,

parallel to the incline of the hill,

its side almost touching the ground.


Another tree

–for a reason not apparent to me–

grew straight up,

then out to one side,

then to the opposite side,

then straight up again.

It is an old, solid tree,

so the reason(s) for all this certainly

is (are) consigned to natural history.


Nature likes curves

and twists

and turns

and unexpected directions

and oddly placed sprouts.

With curiosity and wonder

about this I burn

as I walk those well-trod routes

in the woods.