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To Miss G. F—- (An Autograph)   Leave a comment

Above:  The Countess Brownlow, by Fredrick Leighton

The God of love has given wealth

And lavished blessings free,

But had the world more like thyself,

How better off ‘twould be!


Naught are the treasures of the earht,

The jewels of the sea,

Compared to that true woman’s worth

That finds a place in thee.


Like some great force without a mind

To utilize its might,

Would mortals be without thy kind

To keep them in the right.


Men often fail her price to own,

Nor to her influence yield,

But virtues blended all in one

Like thee, can all hearts wield.


But here’s my wish, kind friend, may heaven

All wished-for blessings send

To thee; and unto me be given

To prove myself thy friend.



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