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After the Rain   Leave a comment

After the cooling rain

in early June,

I walked in the woods

beside the river and city park.


I saw a tree which grew

in a low arch formation

low to the ground before it

touched the ground and grew

along the ground.


I saw thick, twisting vines

crawling along the ground

and hanging in midair.


I saw a large bird

standing on a rock island

in the river.


I saw large, old, and twisting

roots of trees exposed

next to paths.


I listened to the river

as I watched it.

I saw water tumble over rocks

in miniature waterfalls

and heard many soft “ploops.”


I explored beaten paths,

turning back from some

when they seemed too risky

yet following others back home.


It was a weekday Sabbath time,

excellent exercise,

and a wonderful excursion.

I should rise

from my chairs and tasks

to walk in the woods more often.