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Above:  The United States Flag with Thirteen Stars



Among my childhood items my parents preserved then passed back to me was the following test, which I wrote in 1981.  The sheet of notebook paper, now living inside a sheet protector, is a nicely illustrated piece of paper with a crayon sky, sun, tree, and even ruins of a fort.  I reread my text a few days ago and concluded that I was mostly correct in broad terms, without many facts or any nuances, such as English constitutional history and debates between Federalists and Antifederalists in the late 1780s.  These days I adore facts and nuances.  But I was eight years old at the time I wrote the following text, so it reflects what I learned in Second Grade at Waynesboro Elementary School, Waynesboro, Georgia.  Essential facts were missing, were they not?





by Kenneth R. Taylor

age:  eight [8]

ABOUT THIS STORY:  The War for Freedom

by Kenneth Taylor

Kenneth Taylor has taken facts about the Revolutionary War and put them in this story.  He hopes you enjoy reading his story.

Long, long, ago, the United States wasn’t free; it  even [wasn’t] the United States!  It just was a big chunck of land joined with other land.  King George III, the king of England, ruled over us.  He had no reason to because, he lived in England.

To settle if we would be free or not, there was a war between us and England.  English against American, American against English, we won!  All because our men gave their lives to give our country freedom.


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