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Only From Heaven   Leave a comment

Above: ┬áSt. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church, Dahlonega, Georgia, September 23, 2012

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



If ┬áthou ‘st corroding care,

If thou dost sorrows bear,

If thou in dark despair

Helpless art driven,

Come to thy Father’s throne,

Make there thy sorrows known,

Balm for thy woe there’s none,

Only from Heaven.


Hast thy heart ever been

Bound by besetting sin,

And by temptations keen,

Is thy soul riven?

Come to a throne of grace,

Seek there thy Father’s face,

For there can come release

Only from Heaven.


Or didst thy heart but prove

Hard when the Spirit strove

And has a Saviour’s love

Never been given?

Hasten then to depart,

Come only as thou art,

There is melting for thy heart,

Only from Heaven.


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