To a Hair On Finding It On a Friend’s Coat Button   Leave a comment

Above:  Buttons

Image Source = Marco Bernardini


What satisfaction to disguise,

And hide yourself from mine,

And wait till seen by curious eyes

To let your glories shine?


If I did kiss her, and ‘t were harm,

What business yours to spout it?

If I did fold her in my arm,

Why tell the world about it?


You saucy little villain you,

To practice such deceit,

If ’twas not for the place you grew,

I’d cuss at you a bit.


How oft’ the traits of this small hair

The human kind display!

They’re friends till some good chance appear,

And then they will betray.


Posted October 19, 2012 by neatnik2009 in John Dodson Taylor Sr.--Poems

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