Strong in the Lord   1 comment

Eph. 6, 10

What can Good accomplish through a weakling?  Great tasks everywhere await him who is able to perform them.

1.  “Be strong” to resist the shifting scenes of life that lure one away from Him.  “Be not carried about by every wind of doctrine,” temptation and adversity.

2.  ‘Be strong” to do the will of God.  How much we need “strength to perform.”  Great service awaits us, service that shall be a great blessing to men.  But strength of soul is needed to perform it.  What a pity to face a task we would do if only we could.  Be strong.

3.  Our strength is not of ourselves.  It is received from without.  We eat, breathe and drink to live; so our spiritual energy is from God.  We must so relate ourselves to Him as to receive strength.  “Strong in the Lord”

4.  Knowledge contributes much.  Information of men and measures always helps.

(A)  The church needs intelligent [and] devout members–all should be so.

(B)  To be content with being less than our best, reaching out for everything that helps, [not] reaching out for everything that helps, is unworthy of ourselves and of our Lord.


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