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Paul’s Preaching at Corinth   1 comment

Ancient Corinth

Above:  Ancient Corinth

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A Photograph from 1898-1946

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1 Cor. 2, 2

Paul here reflects on his preaching at Corinth in the light of his success there.  He acted not blindly, but with a purpose and determination.

1.  To the Jews he did not preach the miraculous and greatness of his character; nor obedience to law.  This could not, did not save.

2.  To the Greeks he did not theorize and refer to the classics, though they sought wisdom.  Can speculation or knowledge save?  Had it done so?

3.  [He] Preached Christ, the rejected one.  To him all must submit.

4.  “And him crucified.”  His death availed for all.  Nothing else did.

II.  Why this preach Him?

1.  The gospel is to be accepted and obeyed, not merely admired.

2.  The atonement is our only hope; the blood redeems.

3.  To the sinner the cross is humiliation and shame.

Or, it [is] the Christian [who] sees Christ purchasing the salvation of all; and he sees there the trophies of the world.


God’s Hostility to All Sin   3 comments


Typing the posts in this series of sermon outlines by my great-grandfather does function as a series of lessons in reading his handwriting.  I have endeavored to reproduce his notes accurately, with a minimum of editorial changes, most of which are in the realms of correcting spelling or adding punctuation marks where they are absent and needed.  Whether I agree with any given point is irrelevant; reproducing his thoughts is paramount.



1 Cor. 15, 25; 1 Jno. 3,8

1.  Jesus Christ reigns over all things by the Father’s purpose and authority.  (Matthew 28, 18)  He reigns in righteousness , and is set to defend and preserve all that is good.  He loves the good and will enthrone it.

2.  Conversely he hates every evil thing.  He is not so good-natured as to hate nothing.  Sin is extremely ugly in his sight and should be in ours too.

3.  Sin is the work of the devil.  “An enemy hath done this.”  God’s enemy and man’s one great foe & despoiler.  But our Lord will destroy both.

(1)  His blood cleanses the heart from sin–washes it white as snow.

(2)  He will loose the power or bands of sin and set us free.  We shall “stand fast in the liberty wherewith the Christ” shall “make” us “free.”

(3)  Death shall at last be destroyed.  The general resurrection will remove us beyond the reach of death.  Through Christ we shall have victory over it.  (1 Cor 13, 55-57)

4.  Satan shall finally be shut up in the bottomless pit utterly vanquished and Christ shall stand the undisputed conqueror of every evil will work, having destroyed every work of the devil.  Why cling to our sin & go down with it?