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Christmas Sermon   1 comment

Church of the Nativity

Above:  Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine, Between 1898 and 1946

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-matpc-06295


Luke 2, 10-11

“Prepare thy timber without in the filed and here build thy house.”  The Lord prepared the world for Christ’s coming.

1.  His birth in Bethlehem.  The angels sing for joy at his coming.  Shepherds visit him.  Let us go with them.

Study him

(1) Condecension.  Became poor for our sakes.  From throne to manger.

(2)  Omnipotent arm, omniscient head, shoulders to bear the government of worlds, face to shed tears of light & sympathy, tongue to speak as never man spake, on his words men will hang their all, hands to cool the fevered brow and be pierced at last, heart to yearn over us & break at last in pity.  That form will carry our sorrows.

2.  “Fear not,” ’tis a message or love and tenderness; all is well.  For his sake God will hear the cries of sinful man.  “For a Saviour  is born.”  Just what we need.  Without him all would be despair.  “Christ the Lord,” “The mighty God.”

3.  “Bring x joy.”  The world has longed for a Saviour; now he is here.  Joy to sin-sick, helpless souls of men.

Brings institutions of Christianity for the bodies and souls of men, a home in heaven at last for all who believe him.


Consider and Provoke Each Other   1 comment

Hebrews 10, 24

No longer the priest only, but all may now approach God for themselves.  Hence the necessity of considering one another “lest we forget” to approach him.

1.  Who should do this?  “Let us” who have faith and are holding fast our profession.  This only equips us for it.  “As is the man so is his work.”

2.  “Consider one another.”  The Bible nowhere warrants unconcernedness for others; but enjoins Godly interest in them.  “Let each his friendly aid afford.”  The Spirit in the heart kindles this regard.

3.  “Provoke unto love.”  So act as to stimulate others to love of God and man.  This is religion.  Only love within us will enable us to influence others thus.

4.  “Provoke…unto good works.”  These are acceptable to God and man.  Without them one’s faith is shown to be dead and can’t save the soul.  By these we are to be judged finally.

Walk according to this rule!  Let this spirit dominate your life.


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