Consider and Provoke Each Other   1 comment

Hebrews 10, 24

No longer the priest only, but all may now approach God for themselves.  Hence the necessity of considering one another “lest we forget” to approach him.

1.  Who should do this?  “Let us” who have faith and are holding fast our profession.  This only equips us for it.  “As is the man so is his work.”

2.  “Consider one another.”  The Bible nowhere warrants unconcernedness for others; but enjoins Godly interest in them.  “Let each his friendly aid afford.”  The Spirit in the heart kindles this regard.

3.  “Provoke unto love.”  So act as to stimulate others to love of God and man.  This is religion.  Only love within us will enable us to influence others thus.

4.  “Provoke…unto good works.”  These are acceptable to God and man.  Without them one’s faith is shown to be dead and can’t save the soul.  By these we are to be judged finally.

Walk according to this rule!  Let this spirit dominate your life.


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