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“I Am Glorified in Them.”   1 comment

Jno. 17, 10

His work finished, Christ was going away.  His disciples were to abide here.  They are important to him and to the world.  They are to glorify him.

1.  In their salvation–this demonstrates his power to forgive sins.  It establishes his divinity–“Who can forgive sins but God only?”  He does, therefore he is God.

2.  In their lives.  Obedience to his word manifests the wisdom and beauty thereof.  “My word is truth.”  “The truth shall make you free.”  Hence he is glorified in a Godly life.  They set the face for others.

3.  In their labors.  They manifest a spirit foreign to the world.  This reveals the beauty of what he inspires.  Their preaching exalts his name among the heathen.  This the charm of the Acts of the Apostles and of all preaching.

4.  Their presence in  Heaven will add to his glory before the angels.  The church is “the fullness of him that filleth all in all.”

How important to Christ and the world is the work of his children in all places and ages!!


Christ’s High Priestly Prayer   1 comment


Above:  Design for Stained-Glass Window”  “That They May Be One”

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Jno. 17, 20

1.  Prays the Father to glorify his name and consecrates himself to the final work as High Priest.

2.  As he was sent so he sends them into the world.  Prays the Father not to take them out of the world, but to keep them from evil.  His concern indicates  their need and danger.

3.  “That they may all be one.”  United in love and purpose first.  This last is essential unity; without it there can be no organic union.  “Better is a friend that is near than a brother that is far off.”

4.  Prays that they may finally dwell with him and behold his glory.  Take comfort that your Lord wants you to dwell with him in Heaven.

5.  Prays for the twelve and for all who may believe in him through their word.


Seek First the Kingdom   3 comments


I have become convinced that the Kingdom of God/Heaven, as Jesus explained it, was not nearly as spiritual as many have made it out to be.  Our Lord and Savior, I think, was quite practical and literal.  The Roman Empire did not execute him for teaching the Golden Rule.  No, the Kingdom of God/Heaven was, among other things, a criticism of the imperial order, complete with the reality of occupation.  That same Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, remains revolutionary relative to a variety of socio-economic-political realities.  To relegate the Kingdom of God/Heaven to the spiritual realm is to attempt to domesticate a powerful, revolutionary, and properly disturbing (so some) and comforting (to others) message from God via Jesus.  But, be that as it may be….

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Matt. 6, 33

Be not anxious about the future; be diligent and trustful.


1.  Kingdom is spiritual, in the heart, had for the asking.

2.  Church is the invisible kingdom.

3.  Righteousness is conformity to law, had by pardon, regeneration,and right-living.

II.  Seek first the kingdom.

1.  First in time, delay is dangerous.  Secure your place; there all is well.  Put off anything rather than this, for more is at stake, in fact all.

2.  Regard the church as of prime importance; help build it up and extend it; it represents the best interest of the community.  Economize not at the expense or loss of the church, for such is only so-called economy.  To do so is to rob God, our fellows and ourselves especially.  All such service–to the church–is an investment.

III.  “All these things shall be added.”  Accept the challenge and God will give spiritual good and add temporal necessities.  If he cares for the grass and hinds, how much more shall he clothe you?  He gave Solomon wisdom & added riches thereto.

Do right and then trust God.


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