Obedience the Proof of Love   1 comment



“R.V.” refers to the Revised Version of 1881.



Jno. 14, 15 (R.V.)

1.  Calvary approaches, at supper He says so much that is on his heart.

How sacred forever is the hour.

2.  How they were drawn toward him.  Peter loved him and said he would die for him.

3.  To love God is his command.  Christians do it.  Fruit of the Spirit is love; without the Spirit we are not his.

4.  If ye love me we will obey me.   My words will be sacred unto you.  Who loves his wife regards her wishes, especially is this true as to her last requests.  Pleasure and test of love.

5.  His commands are simply the behests of love.

His love led him

(1)  To do what he did for the world.

(2)  To command what he did.

We must have that love that leads us gladly to obey unquestioningly.  Freely received, freely given.

That we do all we can, and then long to do more.

Do you love him?  If so you will keep–do–his commandments.


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