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Above:  Design Drawing for Stained-Glass Window with Christ as King of Heaven and Throne, Crown, Lamb, Alpha and Omega, and Cross

Image Source = Library of Congress


Designed by J. & R. Lamb Studios


Jno. 3, 31

1.  Origin determines character.  That which originates on earth is earthy.  Religions set up by man are imperfect.  Finite man produces nothing perfect.  “As the man is so is his work.”  His word is never final.

2.  Christ is from above, co-existent with and co-equal with the Father.  His life on earth an incarnation of his deific nature.  Deity dominated his life and work on earth.  He is as far above other men as infinity is above the finite.

3.  Out of an infinitely perfect character came words of infinite wisdom.  ‘Twere but natural that virtue should go out of him.  His teaching the only complete system of ethics the world has ever known.  Man can not add one iota to his teaching.

4.  He did a divine work.  He created the world and undertook to redeem it.  “Who can forgive sins but God only?”  He accepted the challenge.  “If I do not the works of God believe me not.”

He will judge the world, which is the work of none but God.  Finite man can not, infinite God must do it.

How great this theme.  Surely he is the preeminent Christ–above all.


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