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Genuine Love   1 comment

1 Jno. 3, 18

I.  A duty to love one another.

1.  God commands it.

2.  Spirit within bears the fruit; because of faith.

II.  How (to) manifest it?

1.  Not in word only–in merely allowing the doctrine of love to be right.

2.  Not in tongue.  Neither the world nor a loving heart will be satisfied with a mere statement that we love.  Pleasant speech may not be from a loving heart, though it should be.

3.  But in deed–acts–the pleasure and test of love.  Who loves of God serves him.  Act your love always.  The world may forget the professions of love but never the deeds expressing it.

4.  In truth, with a true genuine affection.  This (is) the climax.

Christianity (is) not a flow of pleasant pretentious words, a mere profession; but an experience of inward affection or nothing.

Let us have a wholehearted love.  Hereby we assure our hearts before God of our sincerity of heart.


The Gift of Peace   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

John 14, 27

This is the shibboleth of the kingdom of God–peace through Jesus.  His is a gospel of peace.

1.  Peace with God.  Regenerating grace will remove our enmity to God and we will love him.

2.  Peace with men.  Religion is love and love will regulate all.  “Love your enemies.”  Strife is of men; love is of God.

3.  Peace with himself.  Conscience will minister to our peace as it approves of the life.  Obedience is good for one’s own peace.  Faith brings divine help to the soul.

4.  Peace of victory in the soul.  How thrilling to be conscious of the victory; the heart is emboldened thereby.  It is difficult to whip a hitherto victorious army.

5.  Peace from the hope of eternal deliverance.  Life’s ills are made tolerable by the hope of a better day.

“They see the triumph from afar.  By faith they bring it nigh” and in hope of it rejoice.

Christ enjoyed the is peace and gives it to all his children.