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Will Ye Also Go Away?   2 comments

Jno. 6, 67

1.  They heard his words, witnessed his miracles and were numbered with his followers.  He loved and would die for them.

2.  But he told them the truth–they must by faith partake of his body and blood.  They complained in their unwillingness and “walked no more with him.”  They could forsake him; he compels no more.

3.  He turned to the twelve.  They must decide afresh.  We too must decide the question afresh, or reaffirm our decision.  “Take heed lest he fall.”  “My heart is fixed.”

4.  What if we do forsake him?  Where shall we go?  What will become of others we influence?

5.  He is the only way and he will aid us by his grace.  To reject him is to reject our all.

Recommit yourself to him, or decide now to serve him.  He is asking if you will.


Choice of Service   1 comment

Josh. 24, 15

1.  There were two influences moving upon the mind of Israel.  The same is true now.

2.  Joshua demands a choice.  Man acts from choice, is not obliged to serve God or the devil.  This freedom renders him a moral agent.  “If ye be willing and obedient,” etc, etc.  An act not free is not moral.

3.  Without a choice life is a failure.  Even in business one must choose.  How much more in religion?  Must be reduced to the decision of a moment–Caesar at the Rubicon.  Lee chooses between North and South.  Here goes; for life I am his.

4.  What is involved?

(1)  One’s own salvation.  Choose one’s own course.  “God had for the asking.”

(2)  Salvation of others involved.  “We and my house.”  One boy turns from sin as he remembers his mother’s prayers at hearing of church bells and comparisons follow him.

Personal and relative responsibility.  “Nor thy stranger,” etc.

Life and death are bound up in this question.  Lose no time in deciding for God and heaven.


The Son Makes Free   1 comment

Jno. 8, 26

1.  Sinners are in bondage to sin, led of their own lust, under the power and dominion of sin.

2.  They often try to overcome evil by their own power.  Man cannot.

3.  Jesus alone can emancipate the enslaved soul.  He has all power & authority in heaven and earth.  “The Son hath power to forgive sin.”  He shall make you free

(1) From the guilt of sin-pardon.

(2)  From the power of sin-enabling him to triumph over it, saved from sin.

(3)  From the desire to sin.  Will love righteousness & hate evil.

(4)  From unhappiness, putting a new song in his mouth.  A sense of the divine Presence gives joy & peace.

4.  By the application of his blood, washing of regeneration & receiving of the Holy Spirit.  “As far as the east is from the west so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.”  Cleanse from all sin and fill with his grace.

Free indeed!!


Hatred of Evil   1 comment

Ps. 97, 10

1.  Sin as principle is so common we may unconsciously condone it.   We become less sensible of danger.  “Vice is a monster,” etc.

2.  But sin is to be hated, spurned, by every Christian.  Love the sinner for his soul’s sake; hate the sin.  Why?

(1)  Sin is the enemy of God & thwarts his plans.  His children should hate their Father’s enemy.

(2)  It hampers and curses man.  We all have felt its power.  Abhor our won and our brother’s great enemy.

3.  This will strengthen us against temptation.  It will not do to regard sin lightly as of trivial importance in its consequence.  If God is great, sin is great.

4.  Abhor it, turn from it in all its forms.  It is heinous.

The tragedy of the cross shows how awful sin is.  Hate it.


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Deliverance from Evil   1 comment

Matt. 6, 13

1.  Evil–wrong dispositions and deeds.  Is in the heart, hence in the life.  It is a disturber of peace and enslaves us.

2.  Deliver us–liberate us.

(1)  Pardon past transgression–this delivers from guilt.

(2)  Help us resist evil–this keeps us in peace and liberty.  He will lead safely.  All this he in mercy does for us.  His grace is sufficient for us in all things.  We must lean implicitly on him.

3.  But we must help answer our prayer–must put ourselves in line with the right.  Must work out our salvation.

(1)  Must commit our all to him for pardon and peace.

(2)  Then trust in his grace.  Human weakness is insufficient.  “Trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass.”

(3)  Overcome evil with good.  Yet righteousness so fills the heart that there will be no room for sin.  By all possible diligence overcome evil.


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Fidelity   1 comment

Rev. 2, 10

1.  The speaker is Jesus of Nazareth.   While on earth he entrusted to his disciples the interests of his kingdom upon the earth.

2.  They were to be witnesses of what he did and said, to all the world.  They were to testify; he would attend to the results.

3.  But he would have them know that persecution awaited them.  The devil would oppose them in their divine work.  This is what called out the promise of the text.

4.  Only let them be faithful.  It will not do for them to recant.  “Having done all to stand.”  They can do it.

5.  “Unto death.”  Let Hell oppose only let them stand true.  They must have the martyr spirit, to be heroic, daring for God.

6.  “A crown of life.”  Your reward is great, the martyr is crowned.  All who overcome shall have this “crown of life.”  Le us be faithful!