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Enduring Temptation   1 comment

Jas. 1, 12

1.  Temptations or trials will come.  Sin is here and we must meet it.  Why we may not know.

2.  Who endures is blessed.  No one should rush into temptation; we are to pray “deliver us from evil and lead us not into temptation,” but when it comes to us we must endure combat and overcome it.  In this we are blessed.

(1)  Thus one knows himself, his weak point.

(2)  He learns the reality and power of divine grace.  “My grace is sufficient.”  Thus one’s faith is strengthened.  This is a great blessing.

(3)  Thus one’s will is tempered by the divine will, more submissive.  “Might sift thee.”  “Whom the Lord loveth he chastiseth.”  This refining process.

(4)  An eternal reward when his testing is over.  Refined as gold he shall forever enjoy deliverance from evil, and the glories of heaven.

Let no one dare meet temptation alone.  Lean upon God for grace to endure.


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Live as Becometh the Gospel   1 comment


I have encountered two main challenges in preparing these posts based on my great-grandfather’s sermon outlines.  One is reading his handwriting correctly, for I do endeavor, as much as possible to provide his words and opinions.  This part becomes easier with experience.  I am striving to function as a family historian and chronicler.  The other challenge (related to the first) is that a literal transcription makes no sense sometimes.  In such cases I endeavor to render my interpretation of his words, based on context, in clear language.  So, O reader, know that I have changed the first item slightly.  The original reads:

The Philippians anxious list Paul’s imprisonment should hinder the gospel.  But it furthered it.

I trust that I elucidated that item.  I have also altered some punctuation for the sake of clarity.  My editorial function is a conservative one, for I strive to present the material as plainly as possible, with as few changes as possible.  Besides, I have my own blog platforms for my opinions.  This series of posts provides platforms for my great-grandfather.



Phils. 1, 27

1.  The Philippians, anxious, [fear that] Paul’s imprisonment should hinder the gospel.  But if furthered it.

2.  He exhorts them to act so that their own loves should help the cause. Be worthy citizens of an exalted kingdom.  In business, in society, at home, adorn the gospel.  See that they do not crowd out your attention to the inner man.  Keep thy heart right with God.  Let no unchristian spirit dwell in thy heart, nor unchristly deed be done.  Make this thy care.  This life will further the gospel.

3.  “Stand fast in one spirit.”  “Abide in my love.”  His spirit unifies all all Christian hearts in purpose.  Let one object under every life.

4.  “Striving together for the faith.”  Strong oppositin demands your best effort and hearty cooperation.  Heed no false teachers; cling to faith in Jesus for liberty and peace.