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The Rewards of Faith   1 comment

Heb. 11, 1

1.  Faith, belief of the truth, is an act of the whole man–the heart.  Involves the intellect, emotions, & will.

An “assurance”–“substance, giving substance to.”  Truth is eternal–independent; but is real only to the believer, or him who has faith.

Evidence–proving, a conviction or test.  By it “things not seen” are proven.

2.  Its foundation is God’s word.  “What more can He say than to you He hath said?”  “Thoroughly furnished.”

3.  Faith yields rich rewards.  Who has it builds Godward.  Christian character is daily fortified and perfected.  Men of action are men of faith.  Faith underlies all action.  This is the victory that overcometh the world.

4.  Hath eternal rewards in glory.  God’s people have ever found it so.  By believing Him we come to know Him.

Give this life and overcome all things through Him.


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