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Natural Light   Leave a comment

Natural light

floods through the blinds,

spills upon my desk,


illuminates a room of my home.


Natural light

allows me to see

part of my neighborhood

as I sit indoors.


Natural light

illuminates trees, asphalt and cars,

shrubs, flowers, and clouds,

buildings, satellite dishes, and fire hydrants,

grass, soil, mulch, and pine straw.


Natural light

shows me many things,

including a host of reasons to rejoice

and others to remain neutral.

Overall, however,

natural light

brightens my soul

and floods it with joy.



Awake, Thou That Sleepest   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


Eph. 5, 14

1.  Awake from thy sleep of indifference.

(a)  To God.  It he is God & will judge thee, art not thou hazardously indifferent?  You need him; seek his loving favor or die.

(b)  Of thyself.  Thou art lost, sinful, imperiled without his blessing:  thy soul must forever die without him.

(c)  Thou art trusting in a carnal security.  He alone is Saviour trust no other.

2.  “Arise from the dead.”  Thou art dead in sin, art dying daily.  Arise!  turn from sin, seek mercy and life.  “What meanest thou, O sleeper?”  Come to Jesus, who alone is thy life.  Make sure work for heaven.  God calls thee now.  O hear and heed him now.

3.  “Christ shall give thee light.”  Will bring thy soul from the dead, will quicken thy spirit, forgive thy sins and drive away all gloom and thou shalt life; know him & love him.  He will give liberty from the bondage of sin, from the guilt & power of sin.  Thou shalt be a new creature.  How wonderfully he can save!

4.  Then be thou admonished.  Arouse thyself and be saved today.  You need Him.  Come to Him while He calls.  Some call will be the last.  Heed him now.


The Forgiveness of Sin   1 comment

Mark 2, 10

1.  What is sin?  Missing the mark, debt, lawlessness, disobedience, trespass, fault, defeat, impiousness, disharmony.

2.  The need of forgiveness.

(1)  All have sinned.

(2)  Constant sense of guilt.

No peace without it, nor heaven.  The only escape from one’s sins.

3.  What is forgiveness?  Forgive, remit, take away, cover up, blot out, destroy, wash away, cleanse, remember no more.

(1)  Removes not all the consequences of it.

(2)  Removes the penalty.

(3)  Restoration to the family & favor of God.

(4)  A new heart, aversion to sin.

(5)  God again trusts us.

What a blessed experience this!

4.  Conditions of forgiveness.

(1)  Repentance, the forsaking of sin.

(2)  Confession of sin, covering up nothing.

(3)  Forgive others–Lord’s Prayer.

All, all must be forsaken for Him.

5.  Forgiveness comes through Jesus.

(1)  He inspires us with faith in God’s love, his coming proves it.

(2)  His atonement makes it safe morally.  God does not ignore sin by so doing, is righteous in it.

Are your sins forgiven?


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The Heavenly Vision   2 comments


Above:  The Conversion of Saint Paul, by Caravaggio


Acts 26, 19

1.  Paul’s vision revealed to him

(a)  God’s holiness,

(b)  his own sinfulness in His light, and

(c)  God’s demand for obedience as the course of righteousness.

2.  His works imply the possibility of disobedience.  He could have resisted, but he obeyed willingly.  Yet he was “chosen” (ch. 9, 15) and was “constrained” (2 Cor. 5, 14).  Men are not obliged to obey.  “Ye do always resist.”  Hence ours the greater sin, because [we are] responsible for our own fate.

Yet none dare disobey, at the peril of his soul.

3.  His commands are not grievous; He enjoins only what is actually good for us.  He seeks to do us great good and that only.  His commands are Signboards to and along the only road to life eternal.  Will you obey?

4.  When we yield to Him as did Paul, light, joy and life quicken and thrill the soul.  The whole man is revolutionized.  Man becoming a new creature, Saul now becomes Paul.  Will you not obey and live?


God’s Answer to Skepticism   1 comment

Ps. 4, 6

1.  This question [is] that of unhappy men.  Not finding the good, they decide there is none.

Men seek happiness, or good:

(a)  in wealth,

(b)  pleasure, or

(c)  education.

Finding it not, they question if there be any good, then become confident there is none.

2.  Their state proves only one thing, viz:  this world cannot supply happiness for the heart.  How pitiable their state!  Shut up to their fate, by their unbelief!  Truth is eternal, but men must believe it, to be blest thereby.  Men, not the truth, are affected by unbelief.

3.  But the Christian knows the remedy for all this–the blessing of the Lord, the light of His countenance.  He can satisfy the soul’s every aspiration.

4.  Unbelief needs to witness displays of divine grace.  Skepticism blushes when God answers by fire.  We need a revival to save men from unbelief.

And we may have it in answer to prayer, faith & work.


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Reconciliation   1 comment


Above:  A Crucifix


2 Cor. 5, 20

1.  Man’s sin offended the righteousness of God.  His justice demanded vengeance or a sacrifice instead that God might extend mercy.  Besides, man’s spirit was hostile to God.  Hence a Mediator was needed.

2.  Our sins were laid on Christ, who died for us.  Now God could be righteous in offering pardon.  In Him justice is satisfied.  Hence God invites sinners to a throne of grace.  There is no need for the sinner to stay in, and suffer the consequences of his sin.  How sublime is this grace!

3.  It only remains for man to accept this Mediator, and he is saved.  But this he must do.  “If any man will.”  “Come unto me.”  “Believe…and thou shalt be saved.”  “But ye refuse and rebel.”

4.  Hence God calls men to be his ambassadors–ministers–to call sinners to Him.  It is His message we bring and in His name we deliver it.

In His name we pray, beseech, you [to] be reconciled to Him.


The Folly of Resisting God   1 comment


Above:  The Conversion of St. Paul, by Caravaggio


Acts 26, 14

1.  Paul resisted the promptings, misgivings and warnings and grace.

(a)  Gamaliel’s counsel (ch. 5, 34-39)

(b)  Angel face of Stephen (ch. 6, 15), his dying prayer.  Paul tried to crush them out of his heart.

2.  We have warnings.  Many times better impulses & a pause of insecurity are experienced.  The Spirit tells us to repent.  Many tremble under it.  But like Paul, many resist it all and crush out these impressions.

3.  But that is to fight against God.  It is hard, useless to resist Him.  Such as one’s fate is inevitable.  Judgement will overtake him.  The outlaw is sure to fall after a while at most.  None have a plausible reason to rebel.  Why should the ox kick the goads?  Why resist one’s only hope?  Did it pay the Jews or Nineveh?

4.  Paul surrendered at once.  Seeing his error he at once abandoned it; tried not to excuse his way.  It is hazardous, foolhardy, to go against one’s knowledge of right.  Confess your sin and seek his mercy now!