Awake, Thou That Sleepest   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


Eph. 5, 14

1.  Awake from thy sleep of indifference.

(a)  To God.  It he is God & will judge thee, art not thou hazardously indifferent?  You need him; seek his loving favor or die.

(b)  Of thyself.  Thou art lost, sinful, imperiled without his blessing:  thy soul must forever die without him.

(c)  Thou art trusting in a carnal security.  He alone is Saviour trust no other.

2.  “Arise from the dead.”  Thou art dead in sin, art dying daily.  Arise!  turn from sin, seek mercy and life.  “What meanest thou, O sleeper?”  Come to Jesus, who alone is thy life.  Make sure work for heaven.  God calls thee now.  O hear and heed him now.

3.  “Christ shall give thee light.”  Will bring thy soul from the dead, will quicken thy spirit, forgive thy sins and drive away all gloom and thou shalt life; know him & love him.  He will give liberty from the bondage of sin, from the guilt & power of sin.  Thou shalt be a new creature.  How wonderfully he can save!

4.  Then be thou admonished.  Arouse thyself and be saved today.  You need Him.  Come to Him while He calls.  Some call will be the last.  Heed him now.


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