Be Filled With the Spirit   3 comments


Above:  St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Dunwoody, Georgia, May 27, 2012 (Pentecost)

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



Eph. 5, 18

1.  The Spirit promised by Christ as in John 16, 7-14.   This is his administration.

2.  A person, conscious being.  We are conscious of personalities, hence we realize his presence–a reality.

3.   He convicts of sin.  Has appeared to bring salvation to all.

4.  Revealed God to the soul.  Whereby we cry, “Abba, Father.”  The only divine agent used in leading us to God.

5.  Dwells in the Christian heart.  We are his temple.  If any man hath not the Spirit dwelling in him he is none of his.

6.  Our Guide into all the truth.  Testifies to us of the truth.

7.  Our power for good.  The soul’s power is in him & from him.

8.  Is received through faith.  Galatians 3, 13-14

9.  Be filled with the Spirit.  Let the intoxication he produces be your inspiration.  Let him permeate the whole being, and dominate your whole life.


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