Be Strong in the Lord   1 comment


Above:  Depiction of Satan, by Gustave Dore


1.  The Christian has a war to wage against a strong and subtle foe.  Religion is no child’s play, but a fight for the soul’s destiny.  There is need for valiance.  It is a defensive, but especially aggressive war.

2.  The foe is strong.  We fight not against flesh and blood; but against spiritual wickedness.  Satan will contest every inch of the way.  We will have literally to drive him from the field.  He is a usurper and they are always desperate.

3.  Hence the need of strength.  He [God] alone can arm us & equip us.  Conquest within and without is possible only as He helps us.  Peter was bold when near his Lord; weak when away from Him.

There is service that only the strong can render.  Moses and Paul were strong men, but they had all they could do.  Had they been weaker they could not have done their work.

4.  Paul wants them fully equipped.  “Take the armor of god.”  Don’t omit anything that can help you.  Use all the means of grace.  “Take to arm you for fight the [illegible word] of God.”

Then having done all this stand.  Stand for God and the right.


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