Buying Up the Opportunity   1 comment


Above:  Plains Methodist Church, Plains, Georgia

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = HABS GA,131-PLAIN,16–2


Eph. 5, 16

1.  Paul writes to concerted Gentiles who had let much free time turn to waste, living in sin.  He would have them reflect on how serious life is and improve their every opportunity for good.

2.  Men are most prodigal of their time and opportunity.  Christians should improve every opportunity for good–prayer, Bible study, & all the services of the sanctuary.  All these mean so much to those who diligently improve them.  “Gather up the fragments that nothing be lost.”

3.  This is a marked sin of unbelievers.  How many opportunities do they have to make peace with God?  The gospel call constantly falls upon their ears.  Still they neglect Him.  They are prodigals indeed, wasting in [illegible word] living, gracious opportunities.

4.  No one can afford to lose one opportunity to improve himself.  “For the days are evil.”  Much opposition confronts us all.  The doom of the unrepentant is certain.  Dare anyone dream away his life in idleness?  Contrast those who “buy up the opportunity” and those who do not.

5.  Then be admonished.  Lose not one opportunity; yea, even this one.  Seek Him without delay.


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