Christ’s Great Humiliation   1 comment


Above:  What Our Saviour Saw from the Cross, by James Tissot


Phils. 2, 6-8

1.  Emptied himself–laying aside the effulgence of his glory.  He was God and adored by the angels, but left his high abode to reach us.

2.  Became incarnate, veiled his glory by taking human form, subject to the humiliations and temptations of man, sin only excepted.

3.  Became a servant–assume the lowest innocent character, that of being the servant of all.  He came not to be ministered to but to minister.  “I am among you as one that serveth.”  The God of all worlds stooping to be the servant of sinners.

4.  Submitted to the power of death.  He raised others from the dead, but suffered death himself.  He submitted to it to accomplish his mission.

5.  Suffered not only death, but the death of the cross–the severest, most reproached death known to antiquity.  “Endured the cross despite its shame.”  Poured out his soul unto death.  So deep was our sin!

6.  He suffered all of this for you.  What have you suffered for him?  Will you not renounce your sin, take up the cross, and do his will?


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