Christ’s Love for the Church   1 comment


Above:  The Young Bride, June 16, 1846

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZ62-49625


Eph. 5, 25

Agapao-pan.  To love, to set one’s choice on.  To have a preference for, to wish well to, to regard the welfare of.  Love founded in admiration, esteem.  To regard above anything else.

1.  Christ loved the church.  He esteemed it and set his choice on it.  He valued it because of what it is to him and the world.

(a)  Is his bride, the Lamb’s wife.  He is incomplete without her.  “The fullness of him that filleth all in all.”

(b)  He is the Head of the church and it is his body to do his work here.

2.  “Gave himself for it.”  Proved his love by what he did.  He surrendered or submitted himself to death to redeem men.  The church is the priceless purchase of his own blood.  His whole life was a sacrifice, but his death is preeminently the offering.

3.  His love still is manifested towards her.  Walks among the candle sticks, holds the seven stars in his right hand and sends her messages.

4.  The end of it all is that he might redeem it from all iniquity and present her unto himself a lovely bride.

Let us love the church too.


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