Losing All Things for Christ   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


Phils. 3, 7-11

1.  Paul meets any who boast of externals on their own ground.  “If any thinketh he hath whereof to boast, I even more.”  (v. 4)  He mentions the things of which he could boast (vs. 5 & 6).  These are the very things a Hebrew would boast, the height of his ideals, and th basis of his hope of heaven itself.

2.  But Paul had a vision of the Lord whereby his ideals were raised.  “What things were gain t me I count loss for Christ.”  Life’s fondest hopes I surrender; my highest ambitions I renounce for Christ.

Then he puts Christ on one side and all things else on the other & with one supreme choice bids them all go, and chooses Christ.  I count all things but loss for Him; yea, men as refuse, a thing despised.  Forgets the past and strains every nerve after Christ.  “Thou, O Christ, art all I want.”  Not satisfied with the present, he strives on.

3.  Here is ambition worthy a world.  Yet how men are tempted away from it.  Christ is ignored or his name worn occasionally as a badge of honor.

4.  We need to be, not a Saul depending upon these externals, but a Paul counting them loss for the sake of greater blessings.  God forgive the earthliness of our affections and help us love Him more and more!


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