The Manifold Wisdom of God   1 comment


Above:  Lutheran Orphanage, Salem, Virginia, Between 1920 and 1930

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number =  LC-USZ62-37575


Eph. 3, 10

“Manifold”–many colored, wrought in many details; fulfilled itself in many ways and diverse manners.

1.  His wisdom manifests itself in the varieties revealed truth.  Doctrine is vitally related to experience hence all needed teaching is found there.  Man may serve Him in any life if only it does no harm to others.

2.  Manifested in the large variety of the church’s work.

(a)  Led by Him the church is called to serve in many ways.  Where there is a need the church is to supply it.  “Seeing the multitudes he was moved with compassion.”

(b)  These different lines of activity are the expression of the life of the church and are as varied as is all life.  A dead church does nothing.

3.  In this variety is unity.  Many members of the one body.  Methodism is one, but her unity is in everything she is and does–gospel, Sunday Schools, colleges, orphanages, polity, etc.  God’s wisdom is manifested in it all.

4.  In all this service we are serving Him.  He will reward every act done in His name.  It all embodies so much of Him, His life.


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