The Work of the Sunday School   3 comments


Above:  Fourteenth International Sunday School Convention, June 23-30, 1914, Chicago, Illinois

Image Source = Library of Congress


Copyright Claimant = Kaufmann, Weimer & Fabry Co.


Eph. 6, 4

I.  The necessity of teaching children:

1.  God commands it.  Deut. 6:6-7; Ps. 78, 2-7 & the text.

2.  The ends of life demand it.

3.  The child-nature responds to it.

II.  Who should teach them?

1.  Parents.  What a responsibility to train a soul!  Who else ought to feel so much interest in their best development?  But this is fearfully neglected.

2.  The church is commissioned to teach all men:  hence the Sunday School.  It certainly is of God and is being greatly blessed of Him.

3.  A great advantage to do it at the church.  Surroundings and memories aid in the work.

4.  The whole church should be engaged in the work.

III.  What are the ends to be attained?

1.  A knowledge of God’s word.   No education is complete without it.

2.  Self-surrender to Christ.  Here is the all-important work in all teaching.

3.  Fortifying the soul.  Built up in him and fitted for every good word and work.


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