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Ye Are Christ’s   1 comment


Above:  Diocesan Confirmation, The Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, Georgia, April 28, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



1 Cor. 3, 23


Ye are Christ’s.

(1)  All his.  The priceless purchase of his blood; he died for us all.

(2)  Altogether his.  Nothing about us we call ours but belongs to him.  Many have not found this out yet.

1.  Our hearts are his to love and adore him and to love nothing sinful.

2.  Our time is his, to be spent according only as he wills.  All our time ought to be useful in some way to him.

3.  Our money is his.  He made it and all things.  He needs and will use it for glorious purposes.


None of these can be used by him save through us.  How great then is our responsibility.

We can use these things for him only as we use them for others.  He directs us so to act and will reward accordingly.  Service to humanity is the proof of consecration to God–for most of us the only possible proof.  Will we then recognize that we and our all belong to him?


God’s Fellow-Workers   1 comment


Above:  Architect’s House, Richon, Between 1898 and 1934

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-matpc-04705


1 Cor. 3, 9

God is the architect of His “building.”  He has a plan and man must follow it.

1.  God created the world and placed man over it–thus dignified life.  Aids man but left much for him to do.  Hid the minerals and gave man mind to discover and appropriate them.  He must labor too to reap the benefit.

2.  Thus in morals.  God gives the faculties with their possibilities and offers needed grace.  Now man may become a saint or a great sinner.  Thus placed all the world can’t help him unless he labors with God.  He is the architect of his own destiny.  All would be saved today had they cooperated with God in His efforts to save them.  Here’s the trouble.

3.  The same is true in saving the world.  God fixed a place for man in the economy of grace and he must fill it.  Personal work is our lameness when neglected; a great strength when done.  Nothing can take its place.

4.  How great is our responsibility.  “Sin is a reproach” because we can and ought to get rid of it.  Are we honestly trying to save our own souls and the whole world?  He wants our service & we need to do it.


The Church’s One Foundation   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

1 Cor. 3, 11

“Foundation”–that which underlies to support:  giving authority and power to exist.  Jesus is the church’s only foundation.

1.  He is the foundation of the Jewish ritual, looking to his coming.

2.  He is the only sacrifice for sin.  Only in his name may we ask for pardon.  He is “the Way” to the Father.

3.  He alone has power to forgive sin.  ” No other name given whereby we may be saved.”

The church’s power for good is from him.  “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you.”  Is “the Life.”

4.  The church’s authority to teach is from him.  “Go teach all nations.”  “Ye shall be witnesses of these things.”  He calls men to the ministry.  “Pray ye…that he may send for the laborers.”

5.  In him all the promises are yea and amen.  The sacraments have no meaning apart from him.

6.  Around him all the doctrines cluster.  He is head over all things to the church, which is his body.  He is the Chief Cornerstone.  In his person and office he is the immovable Rock of Ages:  able to bear the whole church.  There can be no other foundation.


The New Creature in Christ   1 comment


Above:  Blessing of the Water of Baptism, The Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, Georgia, April 28, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



2 Cor. 5, 17

This new creation is the mightiest work wrought in man.  He can not do it; only God can.  All must be created anew, no exception.  In what respect are they new creatures?

1.  In their relation to God.  They do not regard Him as an enemy; they love Him and seek his presence.

2.  To men.  No one does he hate; loves all men.  All are his brothers.

3.  To Satan.  He is  no longer their master.  They resist him instead of doing his evil will.

4.  Are new in their natures.  Their plans and purposes are all changed.  They come to live for others.

5.  Their hearts are purified with love.  Now they love righteousness.  Heaven is dear; earth recedes.

6.  Their wills are now subdued to do the divine will.  They are ready to do his will.

7.  Their whole lives are new.  Their habits are regulated according to the Lord’s will.  All things are become new.