God’s Fellow-Workers   1 comment


Above:  Architect’s House, Richon, Between 1898 and 1934

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-matpc-04705


1 Cor. 3, 9

God is the architect of His “building.”  He has a plan and man must follow it.

1.  God created the world and placed man over it–thus dignified life.  Aids man but left much for him to do.  Hid the minerals and gave man mind to discover and appropriate them.  He must labor too to reap the benefit.

2.  Thus in morals.  God gives the faculties with their possibilities and offers needed grace.  Now man may become a saint or a great sinner.  Thus placed all the world can’t help him unless he labors with God.  He is the architect of his own destiny.  All would be saved today had they cooperated with God in His efforts to save them.  Here’s the trouble.

3.  The same is true in saving the world.  God fixed a place for man in the economy of grace and he must fill it.  Personal work is our lameness when neglected; a great strength when done.  Nothing can take its place.

4.  How great is our responsibility.  “Sin is a reproach” because we can and ought to get rid of it.  Are we honestly trying to save our own souls and the whole world?  He wants our service & we need to do it.


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