Requiem for a House   2 comments

Family Home Circa 1908

Above:  The John Dodson Taylor, Sr., Home Circa 1908, When It Was New

Photograph Courtesy of Sharon Foster Jones, on June 14, 2012


Today my mother, Sally Taylor, called me and told me that the family house, pictured above, will cease to exist soon.  This is structure in which my great-grandfather, John Dodson Taylor, Sr., lived; my grandfather, John Dodson Taylor, Jr., was born then lived; my grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor, lived; my father, John Dodson Taylor, III, and my uncle, Randolph Fleming Taylor, grew up; and my sister, Barbara, and I lived for a few years.  Nobody has lived there since 2001, when my grandmother died.  The house was hardly in its best condition then, but now the roof is caving in and the local government requires the demolition of the house.  There is nothing to salvage from inside the house, for vandals have stripped it without so much as a police report to document when this happened.

This is sad news.  Yet I know that one should not become overly attached emotionally to inanimate objects, which come and go, even if they do last for a relatively long period of time.  I do harbor serious questions, though, about the degree to which neighbors were observant and the police were vigilant.






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