The Terror of the Lord   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator Moody

Above:  Christ Pantocrator, Moody


2 Cor. 5, 11

There are two sides to every question.  God is merciful and is just.  Much is said of mercy and retribution too.  Both are real.

1.  Judgment is a certainty.  “God hath appointed a day to judge the world.”  “Our Lord shall come.”

But justice disturbs the transgressor’s conscience, and he dreads judgment.  This is not light affair.

2.  It is a day of strict justice.  He comes to reward every one according to his works–to bless the faithful but to condemn the sinner.  No deed will be forgotten.

3.  It is spoken of as a day of His wrath.  After an impartial trial, He will visit an awful doom upon the lost–cast them down to hell.  This is an awful doom where the fire is not quenched & the worm dieth not.

4.  Hence we persuade men to turn to Him while He delights to have mercy and ere life closes in darkest might.

We can’t compel but we beg, we pray you hear and heed the invitation.  While probation lasts you are free to act on your own choice.

Will you not be persuaded?  Will you not be reconciled to Him?  Come and find peace and joy in Him.


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