Love, the All-Important Thing   3 comments

1 Cor. 13, 13

I.  The importance of love (vs. 1-3)

Nothing avails if divorced from love.  It is the sine qua non of Christianity.  Who fails here fails utterly & fatally.  Nothing can take its place.

II.  What love can do

It meets every demand of law and gospel.  Is equal to any demand of life.  Love seeks the good–the very best.  Love never fails though we live in a world of change.

III.  “Now abideth faith, hope, love.”

Faith–confidence in God.

Hope–anticipation of the future.

Love–devotion to God and the right.

These change not, and will not pass away.  Being eternal in their nature, they abide.

IV.  How great is love!

There is no Christianity without it and no holiness beyond it.  In time and eternity it abideth the same change less passion.  It is the “perfect bond” holding together all the graces of the heart.–Col. 3, 14

How we ought to strive to love more and more–1 Thes. 3, 12 & 4, 10.  We should seek to grow in this grace everyday.


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