The Heart Established By Love   1 comment

1 Thes. 3, 12-13

He writes to Christians–those who in some measure love God.  He prays for an increase of love.

1.  Love is the one all-inclusive grace.  “The greatest is love.”   No religion where there is no love and no one can become holier than to love supremely.  It is the only grace adequate to the demands of the Christian love.

2.  Hence he prays that they may increase in love.  Though rich in experience they need more love–a recognition of greater needs.  This is Paul’s doctrine of growth in grace.

3.  Love is both subjective and objective.  It is a disposition or experience of the heart.  Not something assumed, to be put on as a cloak, but a real disposition of the soul.  The fruit of the Spirit within & not the pretensions of a hypocrite.  It is objective.  Who loves, loves men. Who does not love men does not love at all.  Impossible in experience & unknown to Holy Spirit to love God and not to love men.  Hence he prays their love may abound–overflow toward men, even as his love toward them.

4.  That they may be established by love unblamable in holiness.  That life may measure up to the required standard of heart & deed.

5.  The means is not the effort, but yielding to the Spirit of love to bear his fruit of love.  “More love to God & man.”


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