Good From All Things to the Christian   1 comment

Rom. 8, 28

1.  “For good.”  To be drawn nearer to Him, to become more like Him, to learn to love Him and trust Him more certainly is good.  Whatever furthers us in things divine is good.  We here look at results, not so much at process.

2.  “To those that love him.”  Those who trust and obey and submit to His will.  Important to fix this in our minds.  Not to those who rebel.

3.  “Work…for good.”  This is His will, His desire.  He seeks to accomplish it in us.

(1)  Temptations test our strength and give occasion to exercise it.  He gives added grace for every greater need.

(2)  In afflictions He will comfort us as we look to Him.  Thus the heart is softened and one learns to trust Him more.  “It is good for me that I have been afflicted.”  As our loved ones pass on before heaven becomes more real and dear to us.

(3)  Prosperity will, as we love Him, make us more grateful.  His goodness will inspire us to love Him more.

4.  Sometime we will understand that all has helped us toward our eternal home.  We are so much concerned with the process now [that] we may not see it till later; but after a while He will make it plain.  Then let us trust and obey. Be the way never so [illegible word].


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