The Wages of Sin   2 comments


Above:  Whirlpool Rapids

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Rom. 6, 23

1.  He that worketh receiveth wages.  Every course of conduct brings its return.  “Whatsoever one soweth that shall he reap.”

2.  Who yields himself to sin becomes thereby the bondslave of sin.  Rom. 6, 16

The power of Satan masters him and he pays a daily wage as he himself wills.

3.  The wages of sin is death:

(1)  Death of the body is the the result of sin.  Violent deaths increase.  Bloody & deceitful men shall not live out half their days.  Ps. 55, 23

(2)  Death of character–becoming finally a worthless being, insensible of all good.

(3)  Of sensibility of sin.  The first oath brought the blush quickly, but later one swear before anyone without shame.

(4)  Of the power of resistance.  God and friends cry stop; but sin puts one where he can’t stop.  The current in the rapids catches him and hurls him over the precipice and all is lost.

5.  Of the soul.  To sink into eternal night and suffer forever the pains of an unending ruin.  Eternal punishment where there is the weeping and the wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

Will you not stop now?


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