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My beloved has arranged

three yellow squashes,

two potatoes,

one butternut squash, and

an eggplant

on the dining table.


Unfortunately, I,

just to use my seat

and eat

at my usual place,

have had to move

and rearrange them,

therefore altering the configuration.


Neither of us has a suitable basket

in which to arrange the still life,

so any configuration will be,

I suppose, quite temporary;

such is its station.


Once I had such a basket,

which spent too much time

useless in a closet.

So I removed it from a shelf

and donated it to a thrift store,

for the use of somebody else.


Things are transitory.

Baskets, unused, I take away.

Food, although colorful and attractive,

does, in time, decay;

we must eat it soon.

But, for now, I am happy to say,

we can enjoy the sight

of a still life on the dining table.

The arrangement is, to my eyes,

a feast and a great boon,

and that is no false story.


MAY 31, 2013 COMMON  ERA

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