The Mission of the Church   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


John 20, 21

1.  Christ was coexistent with the Father.  The Logos from the beginning.  But he left his abode and came to earth.

2.  He came on a mission divine and God-given–one certain work to do.  He came to seek and to save the lost–to bear witness of the truth and give his life for many.

3.  Love of the Father and the Son involved.  The Father gave His only Son; the Son gave Himself to die for us–for all.

4.  We, too, are sent on a like mission.  “Even so send I you.”  Seek the lost.  Teach all nations.  Go into all the world.  It is enough that the servant be as his Master.  You have a universal remedy for the disease of sin; tell it to all, invite all to receive it and be healed.

5.  This given to all the church–the eleven and the others that were with them.  Go or send.  Help save the world.  Put yourself and all yours into his hands.  Love all and hence help save all.  His love and yours combined.

6.  The Spirit given to this end–he shall bear witness and so shall you.



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