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Above:  Good Shepherd, Between 1898 and 1946

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-matpc-06370


Jas. 4, 8

Do not men reverse the order and pray Him to draw nigh to us first?

1.  His is an attitude of concern for us.  He wants to bless us.  The shepherd glad to recover the lost sheep.  The father welcomes home the prodigal.

2.  But men are often concerned about other things and do not approach Him.  We may follow afar off and become wholly engrossed in other affairs.  We place our cares between us and Him.  Sin separates between us.

3.  Yet He will meet us if we will only seek Him.  Hence the call:  “Cleanse your hands ye sinners” (v. 8).  Put away what separates us.  With man seeking Him and He seeking man, they will not long remain apart.  “He that seeketh findeth.”

4.  While he invites let us put away everything that hinders us and Him, that prevents our drawing near to Him.

Seek Him with all the heart.  We need Him every hour and can’t do without Him.


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