The Power of Early Religious Training   3 comments


Above:  Moses (1887)

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-pga-03309


Ex. 2, 6-9 and Heb. 11, 24 & 26

1.  What Moses’ mother did must be done early.  He must soon be put in school.  Her only change is to do her work well before Egyptian training began.

2.  Hers certainly was a religious home.  Moses, Aaron, and Miriam came from one home.  When Moses was grown up he esteemed his mother’s God above the honor, wealth, and power Egypt could give.  Religious training prevailed.

3.  The early years are most valuable.  First impressions are the strongest.  Before the devil gets a chance at them fill their young minds with every noble truth and ideal.  Parents may wait but the devil never loses an opportunity.  “If you want to beat the devil you must fight him with the cradle.”–Gypsy Smith

4.  Such homes save the boy and save the nation.  “A hedge on the edge of a precipice is better than a hospital at the bottom.”–Smith.  “Save one old gray head and you save a multiplication table.”–Smith.  “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation.”  Moses’ faith rested upon the religious infrastructure of childhood and was reinforced by her prayers.

Happy boy, happy parents, happy nation.


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