The Spirit, the Source of Power   3 comments


Above:  Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, Georgia, Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013

Image Source = Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta




I have become convinced that my great-grandfather labored under some false generalizations regarding Judaism.  He has hardly alone in this.  In fact, I recall hearing some of the same mistaken statements in churches when I was quite young.  So I implore you, O reader, not to mistake me for my great-grandfather, whose opinions are not necessarily mine.  I have expressed many of my opinions at BLOGA THEOLOGICA, which links into this weblog.  I recognize my great-grandfather as obviously a coreligionist yet one compared to whose standard I am an unapologetic heretic.  I have typed over 120 of these sermon outlines already, so I have something of a grasp of his theology.




Zech. 4, 6-7

1.  This is an encourgement to do His work and a warning against self-dependence.  All Jewish history emphasizes this.  They were a constant miracle of grace.  They need Him now.

2.  “Not by might,” as an army (Ps. 33, 16).  Here is an evil to be avoided.  Men do things in business and politics by numbers.  These are in the material realm and material laws obtain; but the work of the church is in the moral realm and only moral power obtains.

3.  “Nor by power”–personal or of position.  In business men accomplish much by the power of their position, prestige, or wealth.  It may require an effort not to look at such things in the work of the church.  Many a man of might in business is powerless in religion.  Souls will not be driven or compelled.

4.  “But by my spirit.”  To quicken the conscience, fear, emotion & will, certainly none but God can do.  Men are only instruments.  We beg, warn, exhort; but can’t do more.

5.  He is our sufficiency (Acts 1, 8).  By Him we shall succeed.  The shout of victory shall ascend:  “Grace! grace!”


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