The Branded Servant   1 comment

Gal. 6, 17

1.  The devil would keep men from the night if he could.  Failing in this he tries to switch them off unto a side issue.  Paul had this trial.

2.  He was sure he was right.  The Spirit aided his understanding.  How much it means to know one is right.

3.  He had fixed it in his heart to do the right.  I will debate it no more.  “My heart is fixed.”  “A double-minded man is unstable.”  I received not my gospel from man, but God; why should I think of changing it?

4.  “For I bear branded in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.”  My experiences have branded me a slave in his service.  Shall I deny & renounce it all now?

5.  What are the marks of a Christian?

(1)  Repentant spirit.  “My sin is ever before me.”–Paul.

(2)  Devotion to the right.  Love of God and of one another.  An interest in all good & in the salvation of all men.  “If ye love me ye will keep my commandments.”

(3)  Humility–willingness to suffer for Him.  Paul suffered as a good soldier.  By all these he was branded His, all His, and His only.  Here I abide forever.


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