The Childhood of Jesus   3 comments


Above:  The Infancy of Jesus, Circa 1849

Created by Currier & Ives

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-USZC2-2648



1.  Jesus, of course, grew up in a Jewish home.  Is this not obvious?

2.  “The Jews” were not monolithic.  My great-grandfather wrote and spoke of them as if they were.




Luke 2, 52

Jesus was human as well as divine:  we deal now with the human.

1.  Increased in wisdom & stature.

(a)  Reared in a Christian home.  Mary favored above other women.  Good mothers before her would incite her to do her best, as did the marvelous things said of Him.

(b)  Taught by the father from six.  As great honor to teach the law as to have received it from God.

(c)  Doubtless taught in the synagogue school in Nazareth.  Rich & poor attended without paying tuition.  Later one was not allowed to live where there was no school.  Spoke in three languages & confounded the Jews with his knowledge of scripture.

2.  Religious influences.

Circumcised on the 8th day, dedicated to God at one month of age, presented in the temple at twelve, synagogue services at Nazareth saw the people going to the feasts.  Mary must have told him the remarkable things of his infancy.  Was free from sin from birth.  Thus his body & soul grew normally, and he increased in favor with God & man.

3.  What helped develop Him will help develop a child today.  Home and church and education needed.  Hereby boys grow in stature & wisdom together.


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