The Valley of Dry Bones   1 comment

Ezek. 37, 1-10

Israel’s condition here seen in a vision [which] fittingly represents the sinner’s spiritual condition and his only hope.

1.  “Dry bones”–Men spiritually dead, devoid of spiritual life.  The figure is not too strong.  Men are helpless save as “gracious ability,” the quickening of the Spirit, is bestowed.  They are powerless to move–“very dry.”

2.  No earthly power can quicken them.  All effort devoid of the Spirit’s power fails utterly.  Man has no ability to change his or his brother’s nature.  Any movement quickens men only as God’s blessings attend it.

3.  “Can these bones live?”  Is there hope for those under the dominion of sin?  Yes, by divine power quickening the soul.  God is the hope of the world.  Souls have been saved and he who changes not can do so still.

4.  Let the church look with desperate faith unto God.  “Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.”  He can call back t life the dead.  We face the valley of dry bones; let us call mighty unto God for the Spirit’s help.

God waits to be gracious.  Let us look and receive his salvation.


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