God or Satan; Which?   1 comment

Gen. 2, 17 & 3, 4

God or the devil; which?  Constant warfare is between the two;–Truth–Goodness and Holiness vs. lies, deception, and wickedness.

1.  God warns man of the awful consequences of sin, lest he sin & die .

Satan denies it flatly and slanders God’s motive in declaring it.  Now he says it is out of date and belongs in the Dark Ages.  Gives perverted views of nature and of sin.

2.  Who affirms and who denies?

God, the Creator & preserver of all things and Redeemer of all men, who established the laws of the physical and moral world, affirms the laws He has ordained.

Satan, the father of all lies, deception and evil, denies what God affirms.  His design is to deceive and destroy; God’s is to enlighten and save.

3.  Experience demonstrates the truth.  Sin blights the life and destroys the soul just as God said it would.  Who makes shipwreck?  Who believes & obeys Satan.

4.  Whom do you choose, God or Satan?  Whom will you obey?  Choose you now whom you will serve.


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